About Us

At Ouachita & Winnsboro Physical Therapy, we build relationships with our patients that are based on trust and establishing a collaborative path to healing the patient. We don’t simply work on you; we work with you.

Our therapists and staff bring a passionate optimism that encourages our patients to reach their full potential. We empathize with our patients’ pain and their limitations, and it is our sincere commitment to restore them to where they once were.

We take a hands-on approach to rehabilitative health care. Do you want to return to work? Do you want to fully recover from surgery? Do you want to walk without assistance? Play sports again? Or is it something as simple as picking up and hugging your child without feeling searing pain in your back?

At Ouachita & Winnsboro Physical Therapy, we’ve worked with our patients to make all of these dreams and many more come true. So whether you’re an athlete, an expecting mother, or an active retiree, our team of compassionate, expert physical therapists are ready to help you achieve freedom from pain.