Personal Training

Starting a new workout regimen is daunting enough, but trying to get back in shape after an injury can be intimidating. It’s not like you just dust off your running shoes and workout clothes, head to the gym and start pumping weights. You have to take a smarter approach: one that takes your injury in consideration and delivers results. Working with a personal trainer can be a good idea when you are returning to exercise or coming back from an injury.

With a full gym we can design and monitor an individualized plan that will prevent injuries and modify exercises, so a client will experience maximum results while minimizing joint, ligaments and tendon stress. Plus it doesn’t hurt to have numerous physical therapists in the gym. This can be extremely beneficial for people that have a history of injuries or are transitioning off of physical therapy.

Once we have helped you overcome your injury, we want to help you limit the possibility of future problems while enjoying life to the fullest. Many people dream of getting back in shape after an injury, but quickly become frustrated with their limitations or, even worse, end up re-injuring themselves. Wouldn’t it be great to have a trusted and trained guide that can assist you every step of the way?

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